About Me

What happens when a seamstress can’t find the right fabric at the fabric store?  She goes to the thrift store.

My sons wanted bow ties like they had seen on my cousin’s “save the date” wedding announcement.  The groom was wearing these cool bow ties but I couldn’t seem to find them in our local apparel shops.  I did a little research online, found some patterns and then headed to the local fabric store.  I had several ties to make but one tie needed to be just the right yellow. There was nothing in that color to select from, so I had an idea.  I wondered if a man’s shirt would be large enough to cut out a bow tie?  Sure enough, it was perfect!  Of all the ties I made that week, the “shirt tie” turned out to be the best.  It was soft, color fast and pressed up nicely.  Before long, others were asking me to make them a “shirt tie.”

The rest is history.  I’ve made bow ties from shirts that came right out of Dad’s closet.  It’s a lovely way to remember someone special.

Recycle. Reuse.  Retie.